We are creative problem solvers who are trying to find the most sustainable growth systems for edibles. We know that we can't help the ecosystem just optimizing our consumption, we have to involve the production side too. So here we are. Just another startup that tries to impact on the world & beyond


Engin was built a farming system for his own needs. Then he couldn't find any proper lighting solutions that fit his needs. So he decided to build one for himself. Then the electric bill did not seem so reasonable & he built one another.  He decided to sell that first product in an online marketplace. And by feedbacks from there, he realized that was a common need for the agricultural growth ecosystem. while he's trying to build an ultimate efficient lighting solution, he realized that can be an opportunity for a startup. And he called his best, wise friend (yeah, I'm writing that text so deal with it) Gonca who is already into growing stuff at her garden. And then they become a partner in crimes & start to visioning a more sustainable future.


We believe that "spare time" is opportunity to evolve. You're a combination of everything you read, see, heard or watched. So we value that. We want to create a company culture that sustains a creative workforce and try to make you "spare time" to get inspired. For now, we can't effort your ultimate salary for that but we're trying. If you want to be a part of it. Get in touch with us.





We have too many geeks & nerds who don't want to step forward but  a part of team so if you must know about them just use google images search engine.

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